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June 27, 2022

Modern Java Exception Handling

Presented by Simon Roberts

It’s well known that some of the hardest code to write well is the code that handles things going wrong. In some systems, a special return value indicates a failed function ...

June 9, 2022

IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz

Presented by Heinz Kabutz

For Java and Android. Learn IntelliJ’s programmer-friendly tools to code faster, easier, and smarter In 2003, Heinz was asked to fix bugs and add features to a bowl of spaghetti code. ...

July 6, 2022

Communication Styles for Distributed Architectures and Microservices

Presented by Neal Ford

Understanding trade-offs, an architecture hard part When teams adopt microservices with an understanding of the structure of the architecture but not of how to get all the pieces to communicate, it’s ...

July 7, 2022

Software Architecture Hour: Communicating Architecture with Nathaniel Schutta

Presented by Neal Ford, Nathaniel Schutta

Architects are essentially the Rosetta Stone of an organization, providing translation services between the executive suite and the development floors. They also keep the institutional memory of an organization in tack. ...

May 24, June 16 & 30, 2022

Architectural Katas

Presented by Neal Ford

New information after 5/24 kickoff: To be considered for participation in Architectural Katas, you must complete the Google form by 11:59pm Eastern time on Wednesday, May 25. Architectural Katas is a ...

August 2, 2022

Peer Code Review Best Practices

Presented by Luben Alexandrov

Perform efficient code reviews and avoid common pitfalls Peer code review is critical for producing quality software, and it can help both participants in the review process develop their coding skills ...